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really stuck on which CPU cooler I can get for a Antec fusion case


Well-known Member
the black verison, I was all set to get a Scythe mini ninja, however it seems they cannot be bought anymore

This is for a X3 athlon 2 CPU, its really thrown a spanner in the works on the build

any help would be great



Novice Member
I've got a similar case, and i've got a Zalman CPS 7000 or 8000. Not sure, but it's a huge copper flower design. Not too high, but high enough to clear the RAM, and is adjustable and keeps my overclocked Q9550 (2.8ghz stock, 3.55ghz oc'd) more than comfortable. It's really quiet and capable. Very easy to fit and remove. So, one idea for you. :D


Well-known Member
cheers dude, however after researching I've gone for a Scythe Zipang 2 in the end. Hopefully it'll fit

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