REALLY slow download speed.


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Recently i spent over £600 on a new gaming pc so i could play games well on a pc, and all was well until a few days ago. A sky representative came to replace our sky tv box as we couldnt connect to anytime, and the same evening when i came to use my computer but my youtube buffering, which could usually load a 360p 5 minutes video in a matter of seconds, was running so slow it had to pause the video every 5 seconds to work it. Later that night, i was also downloading some stuff from various sources on the internet and my download speed varied from only 6-12kb/s!!!! The sky technician only replaced the box, and did not go near the router (i'm on wireless) but i found it a coincidence they both happened on the same day. Either way, is there anyone who has had the same problem and has a solution or anyone at all who has advice, because all in all calling into sky has never been the most succesful of things.:lease:


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If it is a sagem router there is a known psu fault with it which causes it to not connect or run very slowly.

I had a client who replaced the psu, still didn't work so sky SOLD him a new router!


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