Really not happy with my Sky + experience so far :(

Discussion in 'Sky Digital TV Forum' started by snakeeater, Sep 8, 2003.

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    Jul 26, 2003
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    Okay after nearly a year of 'shall I? shant I?' I finally decided to get SKY+. Money has been a bit tight so the extra £10 a month was a big descision not to mention the £249 for the new box.

    I was promised by the salesperson that the price wasnt coming down however 1 week after buying it the price was reduced to £199 - thanks SKY!

    Anyway it got installed and I loved it, but just 2 weeks later and my box refused to come out of standby. I phoned SKY and 5 days later an engineer came out to replace the box. Thats 5 days without television as I dont use a terrestrial arial. Oh and my partner had to take the day off work .

    The new box seemed to be fine so I set some programs to record before going away for a few days. I came home to find that we had a powercut and all my recordings failed. To make matters worse the pause and record etc had now stopped working and it advised me to contact SKY.

    So once again I phoned SKY who advised me that I was not subscribed to the SKY+ package but couldnt tell me why not as I had been using the features since I bought it from them via the telephone. They activated it and it worked again.

    However the whole point of this rant is the so called 'compensation' that was offered when I started to complain to them: £2.90 for the 5 days it didnt work for. Yep £2.90 for the inconvenience of no TV for 5 days, my partner taking the day off work, the fact that the box came down £50 in price while ours wasnt even working, and the problem with the SKY+ features. Two pounds and ninety pence.

    Im not sure if anyone else has had problems like this but if anyone knows an address where I can write an official complaint to could you post it here.
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    Sep 11, 2002
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    I filled in the feedback window on this page. Blue box right hand side.

    I wasn't really expecting anything, but wanted to sound off with the problems I had.

    Here's what I wrote...

    "From: ********

    Sent: 01 September 2003 14:52
    To: [email protected]
    Subject: Complaint.

    Name: Deron

    From: ********

    Question: C/Acc: **************


    I've been asked to put my complaint into writing and this seems like
    right avenue to do it.

    I ordered Sky+ a month ago and was charged twice due to a mistake on

    It took 3 weeks to get my £249 back. Fair enough mistakes occur.

    My Sky+ was installed on 21/08/2003. Engineer did a very neat job and
    everything looked fine.

    That night I decided to test the Sky+ functionality of the box which I
    been charged twice for and it didn't work.

    Various calls were made to your helpline/technical team with everyone
    telling me to try and do different things, reboots, download software

    Still no joy after a week, so finally an engineer is booked for
    I then find out through a press release and your website that the
    I've paid a premium for and been unable to use has now been reduced by

    When ringing up to complain, I'm told by a very helpful person, that I
    to write a complaint to air my views.

    I've been told my first month will be refunded to me, but if this is
    the first month of being affiliated to Sky I have no confidence in the

    Another annoying thing is that the person I spoke to was unaware of the
    price drop. I'm very annoyed with the whole episode and thought I'd let
    (to whom it may concern) know.


    Deron Galloway ***********(tel no)."

    They responded with...

    "Dear Mr Galloway

    Customer account number **********

    Thank you for your email about the cost of your skyplus.

    Firstly let me apologise for the difficulties you have experienced.

    Please rest assured that as standard practice, all points raised in
    email have been noted and Sky will continue to provide ongoing
    promotions to
    new and existing customers.

    Sky are aware of our customers requirements and will endeavour to
    our service and value for money.

    Once again thank you, for taking the time to email us and for your
    interest. Sky always welcome customer's comments, and actively
    viewers to voice their opinions. In view of the difficulties outlined
    your email I have credited your account with 38.00(GBP).

    I trust this resolution meets with your approval. Should you ever
    any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at the
    address above.

    Yours sincerely

    **** *********
    Customer Care Department

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