really need help with media box selection!


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Jan 18, 2010
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Hi i bought recently a secondhand techwood twp 4210 tv which needs a media box, Im clueless as to which type would be compatable as the tv only has one input socket, an ldvs. I need something as cheap as possible, also are there any alternatives to the media box i.e a way to run freeview or dvd or laptop using this ldvs connection.Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks
These media boxes come up on ebay quite often, I'd be inclined to check there as they are not something you can easily replace with a generic box from someone else.
I used to have one of these panels and when i upgraded I sold it for spares to a shop near Walsall (IIRC)

called TV Video Services

They are 'Techwood Specialists' and had loads of them.

They have an ebay site as well under the name

Other than that as previous poster said try and find a private seller through ebay.

Incase you dont know, the media box has a VGA input, get an HDFury converter and it can run some semblance of HD :smashin:


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