Really impressed by Klipsch Quintet II small center speaker. Sounds better than my mid/high end large Snell CR.5 or Boston Acoustic VR12. ????


Recently had problems with my main center channel speaker so switched to 4.1 for a while. After auditioning a 4.1 set up for a while I decided I didn't like it so I hooked up a little Klipsch Quintet II as a temporary replacement.

I got it somewhere years ago and never used it. I am actually blown away by this little thing, it sounds fantastic. The dialogue is so clear and crisp, it sounds great across the board. Better than my Boston Acoustics vr12 or Snell CR.5 both of which are far larger and far more expensive. I'm actually so satisfied with it that I am no longer planning on replacing it with anything.

This has been a good reminder that spending a lot of money doesn't always necessarily get you something better. Have any of you found that you prefer a smaller center channel or had a similar experience?
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