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Really cheap S-Video cable?

Discussion in 'Televisions' started by Hi-Def Jeff, Mar 25, 2005.

  1. Hi-Def Jeff

    Hi-Def Jeff

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    Hi all, got a quick question.

    I bought a combo S-video and L/R audio rca cable. Basically just trying to get a better picture out of my digital cable box on a 20" flat screen tv. Well the picture does seem better, and it has in fact cleaned up alot of waviness from still text and images. Only one problem though, when watching any program, if the shot goes from a bright scene (lets say outdoors) then cuts to a darker scene, it takes a good 3-4 seconds to lower the light level! Almost like a digital cam self adjusting to ambient light levels in a room.

    This didn't happen when using all rca inputs. Anybody come across this before?

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