Really cheap prices - is there a catch?


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just found this link at the bottom of the AVforums homepage

the prices are really cheap.

has anyone ordered from here and is there a catch.

I was just interested in your views before taking the plunge on the Panasonic TH-42PW7 which is listed for $1059 (£601).




from their 'about us' page:

"How can we sell all the products so cheap!? EASY!!! We have a very special agreement with Madrid's Airport police. We buy all our products from them. All products are confiscated from illegal transports inside the European Union."

... that sounds abit dodgy, doesn't it?


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well that's what i thought, but, if i could get a good deal :confused:

hmmm, not sure.

i've searched for reviews or customer comments on google but couldn't find anything. They say they've been going since 2002.


What is an "illegal transport inside the European Union", and why would the Madrid police get them, instead of say, Customs ? I wouldn't go near at all.

>> Can I request a product that's not your site!?
>> we can e-mail you an offer in within 24-48 hours about the specific product you
>> are looking for.

Domain Name..........
Creation Date........ 2005-10-06
Registration Date.... 2005-10-06
Expiry Date.......... 2006-10-06
Organisation Name.... James D. Morgan
Organisation Address. P O Box 99800
Organisation Address.
Organisation Address. EmeryVille
Organisation Address. 94662
Organisation Address. CA
Organisation Address. US

NOTHING on Google or Google news, which isn't quite right...

Of course, should this be true, I shall kick myself forever more, but somehow I think not...


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thanks for the info. it's looking more and more dubious. With the domain name registered in California and then the link to Madrid Police, all looks a bit random to me!

I too searched on google and found nothing.

If only a had $600 to waste just to test it out!

Kazuya Mishima

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The only payment method they accept right now is 'Money Gram' wire transfer. Now I don't know much about wire transfers but for buying stuff off t'internet I would be wanting to use my credit card, offers more protection to the consumer.

In short, I wouldn't touch it with a 12-foot electrified bargepole!


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Surely AVforums have to take some responsibility for the adverts that are placed on this website. spectre et. al. should vet each and every advertiser IMHO. This website seems very dodgy.

Seth Gecko

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I think those ads you refer to are Google-based. The ads are picked using keywords based on the topic/thread mentioned.

I can't say for sure if there is any mechanism that Stuart can use to filter the adverts - I believe it lies purely with Google, but I'm sure he'll answer fully when he's back from the show.

As to would I partake in buying from them - an emphatic no. There's no such thing as a free lunch as they say.


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Another quality advert.....

Mr Cat

i thought it would at least be vetted...

Stuart Wright

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Google ads can only be vetted by Google.
If Google are serving adverts for Dodgy companies, I'll reduce or stop the Google adsense campaigns. However, they are a reasonable source of revenue and more importantly, I believe that serving Google adverts bumps you up the Google rankings. :eek:


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They should be reported to Google. Last thing Google want is to be associated with crap websites like this. But it must be difficult to keep tabs on all the ads they process.

Member 55145

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sounds fishy but not implausable, over here in the UK police seize things then auction them off at very low prices, cant remember what the schemes called, but do it in the UK least that way you got someone to punch


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If you ring up your local police station they will give you details of your nearest police auction, where they sell stuff off at stupid prices.


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JagoPlasma said:
sounds fishy but not implausable, over here in the UK police seize things then auction them off at very low prices, cant remember what the schemes called, but do it in the UK least that way you got someone to punch

I think its the Newcastle force which use Ebay!


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This is the reply from MoneyGram regarding this site (

''MoneyGram has no affiliation with this company. They are using our name without our permission. Please do not send money to them through MoneyGram or any other means. It is very likely fraud and you will not get what you are purchasing. We are not an escrow service.

The safest way to conduct business online is through a reliable escrow service. These services protect both the buyer and the seller in the transaction.

MoneyGram Fraud Dept.''


I would avoid any business whhich sits behind a PO Box address. The laws on PO Boxes are different to here, and many "shady businesses" use them in the US.

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