Really bizarre HD temperature issue in Vista


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So i've got 2 hd's in my pc
1 for the os, other for documents/films

They used to always run at 30c that is until i reformatted and put vista onto the other hd.

Now the idle hd with the documents on runs 10-15c hotter then the drive with vista on.

But now it gets really confusing, last night i was watching a film on the 'hotter' hd and noticed the temps had gone back down to 30!

As soon as i stopped the film, within a couple mins the temps went back up to 40. Just tested the exact same thing out this morning and the hd runs 12c cooler when it's 'active'

Any ideas guys? I'm pretty stumped here.



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Why do people turn off Superfetch. It improves performance with very little overhead.

I would check the indexing again. I turned it off, and then noticed that it started itself again. It could be that although you turned it off it is actually still doing it.

As long as the HDD temps stay below 70C I wouldn't worry about them.

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