realistic price?

what is a realistic price for a plasma?
they are all quoted in the magazines but with loads of different specs, stands, video cards etc???

all i would like is a 42" with stand that will display my dvd (svhs) and pc and i will route my video through my amp so i can watch tv on it

comet are doing one for £3000 as previous threads

am not woried about tuner as have video.

panasonic? many thanks


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Search this thread. About two weeks ago, soemone compared the prices of Panny screens from a selection of online retailers.

/My Pio 433MXE was ~£3,600. Panny's seem to be avcailable for slightly less


Thats the only web address I can remember off hand.

Hope this helps



Richer are doing an LG 42" at £2.4K - MZ-42PZ10
Alternatively the Panasonic 42" at £3.4k 0 TH42PW5B

Both do NOT include stands or tuner




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Richers were also doing a Toshiba clone of the Panasonic for £2999. It's supposed to just be rebadged and have a nicer remote. One of the magazines tested it and gave it 5 stars although they didn't mention the Panasonic connection.

They definately look exactly the same except for the marque.

You can also get pattern wall brackets for plasma's for about half the manufacturers price if you look around.


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