real time, in-game footage.


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can somebody direct me to find actual in-game footage of the xbox 360, all i can seem to find are fmv sequences and adverts! otherwise there is no way of telling how good the graphics are going to be! thanks


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p5yco alot of the videos you may of seen that you thought were videos or FMV are in fact in-game footage

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I trust most of the Xbox 360 footage I've seen but I'm wary of EA's efforts. The closer we are getting to the Xbox 360's launch, the poorer their videos are becoming. Remember that magnificent Madden one that they showed during the NFL Drafts back in August (which they admitted was CGI made to next-gen specs)? Well take a look at more recent screenshots and videos of the Xbox 360 game and you'll see the game doesn't look anywhere near as good. Maybe only the PS3 version will look that good? ;)


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The recent hi-def Madden screenshots I saw looked stunning. The movie looked pretty good too but it was impossible to judge properly as I only saw it in a low resolution version.

Did you see these?:

There are 4 images there, the first 2 are 720p shots and the next 2 are some zooms that the site owner did to highlight details.

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