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Found a free real time analyser on Allen & Heath website that you could use in your laptop or PC. Would probably be handy for checking basic room response. You will need a mic or a lead to connect from your sound level meter. it is on a 14 day trial but if you want to keep it it only costs £6.25p

at http://www.allen-heath.com/rta.asp


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Looks intresting. Thanks for the link

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I think i will have to download this as soon as I get a BFD.

The specs sound pretty good.

Thanks pajare :thumbsup:


If you want something to set up your BFD, try spectraplus. It is incredibly powerful and the 30 day trial should be plenty enough to get you sorted! :D



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I don't think 1/3 octave is fine enough to Eq a sub you can easily miss narrow peaks or troughs. I'd say 1/12 is minimum.

Like Buns says get spectra and do it within 30 days as it costs 100's to buy.
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