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Ok I now have everything for my HCPC...I think with the exception of the gfx card. {I do have a RAD8500 that could be used]

and I am ready to build it.

I have a Fortisimmo 3 card which I intend to run to my Sony 1070 amp.

I only have two essential requirements.

To run SKY and and Play DVD's through my Sony Projector.

To run Sky, do I need a TV Card? or at least a gfx card with a tuner?

I intend to use PowerDVD to play DVD's, however I see reference to Dscaler. I think I know what it does? but do not understand the "pull down" term?

In the past I have played DVD's through my projector via a Tosh notebook and no matter what could only get 4 x 3 pictures. Does Dscaler overcome this problem?

My projector is XGA and so I know I have to accept black bands [not so black actually!] when I want to view widescreen. With the notebook PC I could only view in 4 x 3 no matter what.

I know real noob questions... but thx in antcipation


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Yes you'll need a compatable capture card for Dscaler : these start pretty cheap 20quid upt the H3d which is mucho mucho but depends what you want to do with it ( I'd say get yourself a pinnacle PCTV rave for around 40quid).

The Dscaler website will tell you something about pulldown removal or search this site for info.

The 4x3 issue can be overcome either in the software player or your display settings or the projector settings or all three. ( powerstrip is useful for this and you might want to find out the exact pixel size of the panel in your projector)

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