ReadyNAS Duo - how good are they?


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Just thinking outloud really - and pondering switching my Buffalo to a ReadyNAS Duo (2x 2TB, running RAID0 for 4TB total)

How I use my Buffalo;

- simple file storage (all music, movies and pictures are stored on it, and some docs, and other files I don't want to keep locally)

- iTunes on Mac and XBMC on ATV stream music and video over SMB (wired and wifi)

- BitTorrent client on the NAS

Other than that, I don't use any other features. No need (at the moment) for DNLA, the iTunes Server on it is crap, I have a separate back up solution (2TB USB drive) and I don't bother with Time Machine on it (plan is at some point to get a 500gb Time Capsule purely to handle Time Machine backups, as well as being a router upgrade for gigabit LAN and wifi-N)

But ebuyer have a deal on ReadyNAS Duo's - £300 for one with a single 2TB and a free extra 2TB drive. SO got me thinking, £300 for 4TB and a new NAS box. I could pick up 2x 2TB to sling into my Buffalo for £220 (which is still expensive compared to what they used to cost) but would I be better off with a ReadyNAS?

How reliable are they? I used to get fan errors all the time on my Buffalo, and I've had one disk failure, which although isn't the Buffalo's fault, has got me thinking about a newer, better, NAS. The ReadyNAS does AFP (which although the Buffalo says it does, I still only seem to get SMB for my NAS in finder - and I on'y have the choice for SMB in XBMC, but I think that's an XBMC limit more than anything)

Worth the outlay and switch?


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Ive got two , one of the old models with the sparc processor , and the ultra version with the new x86 processors.

Both are rock solid , no complaints , the Ultra is much better at running the logitech squeezbox server , which is my main use for them , both are good , but with the Ultra , my ipeng app on my iphone for squeezbox is lightning fast at loading up album artwork etc.

I'd recommend either model. That seems to be a pretty good deal you have there , I'd go for it , hard drive prices being as they are the storage alone is worth the price.
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