Ready to mount my plasma but worried about width and bolt sizes? need advice


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hi guys i bought a 30" - 63" Fixed Wall Bracket plasma mount for my hitachi plasma tv.

just wanted some advice please.

i test fitted the bracket on the back of tv.

i noticed theres 3 holes on back of my tv, for mount 2 holes, top and center which are just there ready for mount to be screwed in and bottom theres a blanking screw in the bottom mounts.

question is will it be ok to mount bracket on just 2 each side?

i have included pics of what i mean, its a univerasl mount so hopeing it will be ok just looks smaller than some when fitted on my at back

does it matter if the mounts smaller thank the width of the rear of tv?

also noticed each bracket i can only screw 2 m6 bolts in each to the back of my tv i looked at the bolts that come with the bracket and apparently the ones i need are the small m6 bolts theyre small about 15mm im worried can these tiny m6 bolts take the 63kg weight ( 2 each side) as they are tiny screws??? as there will only be 2 of these bolts holding each bracket each side?
they are very small screws ( screw thread about size of my finger nail)

sorry about all the questions its just its my first time haveing one on the wall and just panicing a wee bit and thinking these tiny screws wont take the weight as the tv is 64kg and just wanted some advice please.


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The blanking screw suggests that it will be fine using the top 2 holes. IIRC my wall mount is only fastened with 2 either side.

Also, my wall mount is not as wide as the rear of the TV, If you see what I mean, Its been on the wall for over 7 months with no worries.

As for the bolts, they do seem a little short compared to what was in mine. Personally I'd get some longer ones and test fit them in the hole to ensure they go in ok.

Is there not something in the TV manual that states the bolt length required?


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what were the size of your bolts mate? were they long and thick m8 ones?

also no nothink about size needed in the tv manual mate, i got m8 bolts which are thick bolts but they are too big to put in the tv its the m6 bolts that fit.

i did get longer 35mm m6 bolts with the bracket but they are too long:(
it states in the wall bracket instructions if the longer ones dont fit then i got to use these smaller 12mm m6 bolts.

just panicing as they dont look very wide about 3mm and worried as my tv is heavy 63kg and worried with the weight they will snap as they are not very thick bolts.


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That sounds a bit short to me. How much too long were the 35mm bolts (fantastic grammar there eh?)

Can you not cut a bit off them?


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they were roughtly 20mm too long mate.

from what i can tell the back of tv thread is about 16mm.
did you use m6 or m8 in back of yours mate?
also were they the very long as i know the long ones are ment for curved back plasma and short for flat back types.

might take a trip to b&q later are the back type bolts stronger than the silver type? just curious.


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Just checked.

My bolts were 50mm M8's on a 42" panasonic.

All said though, hitachi obviously knew what they were doing when they made the wall mount holes the size they did.. Personally I'd contact them directly.




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yeah guess they tested m6 bolts in factory for weight.

tryed ringing them and they are closed ;(

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