Ready to connect 1st time - safe procedures?


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Hi all
Was just reading about the problems of conencting to the net for the first time with a newly built PC, what with MS Blaster, Trojans, Viruses etc and other spamming attacks coming up instantly.

After halting build of my new PC due to cash restrictions (ie ran out of it at the idea stage!! :) ) I have now completed build and have installed OS. PC boots fine and is ready for Apps. The motherboard is brand new so wouldn't have thought I need any bios updates etc.

Haven't installed ANYTHING else yet, and wanted help with a "checklist" of things to remember before connecting for updates etc. to avoid attacks.

I have just done a Ghost image to disc of the fresh install as a secure backup, and I think I need to do the following, just not sure in what order:

Disable Messenger services
Install free firewall (ZoneAlarm? Other suggestions?)
Install Anti-Virus
Patches to OS
Update Ghost image

Anything else? Bear in mind that I am securely connected to the Net via my existing PC, so can copy latest Virus Defs etc etc across via disc so avoiding connection.

Any advice from experienced builders appreciated. Can I do all this using my existing PC to download, and copy to new?

Thanks in advance



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I gather XP has a built in firewall, but never used it, as I've always used ZoneLabs Pro.

Are you replacing your old system with this new one? If not, then you existing system should carry out all the firewall duties required.

If you are replacing the old with the new, I'd advise downloading the firewall and anti virus source files using your existing pc first.

Then, get the files over to the new system, install the anti virus software first, then the firewall software.


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Cheers for that. It's 2000 Server I have installed (I have a legal copy and it supports HT, which is what I wanted). My old PC has a buyer ready and waiting so yes this one will be my only machine shortly.
The XP firewall has always protected my existing PC securely (never had any probs with viruses, spamming messengers etc) but Win2K doesn't have a firewall so I'd be selecting and installing one for the first time.

Can I get by on free items such as ZoneAlarm and AVG? Or is there no escaping the purchase of full versions?



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I think you could get by with the freeware, though i certainly reckon ZoneLabs Pro is worth the £30.

Not certain regards AV, as the company i work for has a deal with McAfee so it's employees can use the software on their home pcs also.

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