ready to buy samsung rv520, any better?


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i have seen the samsung rv520 on amazon for £350, i3, 4gb, 500hd.

As far as i can see it seems a pretty good deal, however i will admit to not being that clued up when it comes to other spec info.

Basically need the laptop for browsing, football manager, storing music and watching films

Taking into account that i feel this is an adequate machine for my needs does anyone see anything of better value.


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You can get an i3 sandy bridge laptop for about £300 and upwards so it's about par for the course, Samsung is one desirable brands too. if you want better spec eg. an i5 or dedicated graphics then you would have to spend closer to £400. I think it is a fair deal and if you look around you will probably see at that price they all have similar CPU's eg. i3 2XXX and then there are slight differences with memory HDD size etc.

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