Ready to buy my 433MXE - Where's the best price?



Right this is it. I am ready to order in the morning. Cheapest I've found is £3,600 inc VAT. Anyone know if there's anywhere cheaper?

Just waiting for someone to buy my old Sony TV in classifieds to give me the funds for a wall bracket. What's the best bracket for a drylined wall?


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thats what I paid for mine from hiwayhifi, service was reasonable too



Same place for me. Does that price include the video card and tabletop stand?


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If your thinking of mounting a plasma on a stud wall I would seriously consider reinforcing the wall. Plasma's aren't light like little pictures frames like the press would have you believe.

Joe Fernand

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Pioneer and Unicol wall brackets are both fairly simple and well constructed affairs - the Unicol units are slightly less expensive as they dont have to be shipped half way around the world!

You need to decide if you want a flat (least expensive) or tilt mount. As per Snowman's post you must ensure your fixings are suitable to take a combined weight approaching 40Kg.

Also worth noting the MXE displays are supplied with a small set of feet to enable table top set up - so no requirement to purchase a pedestal stand if you are eventually planning a wall mount.

Best regards



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Joe - don't you sleep?

Post a reply at 5:50 am, that is what you call dedication.

At least I can keep an eye on you guys at the moment, as I am 6 time zones away at the moment ...:D


Got it today from Hiwayhifi. Drove down and picked it up myself as I work only 10 miles away. These are 10 London miles, so round trip 4 hours!!!

A big thankyou to one vendor (you know who you are). Sorry we couldn't do business on this occasion, but we will next time.

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