Ready to buy a new TV, help needed in choosing please?


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Hi Y'all

This is my first post, so please go easy on me.

There is almost too much information in this forum to take it all in.

I have been scanning the forum for a while reading the FAQ & any other posts that I can.

Anyhow, here goes.

I have just sold me motorbike & now have £1100 to spend on a new TV.

I currently have a 32" Panasonic Quintrix, A big bugger! & I would like a nice new Flat screen TV for watching Freeview & DVDs on.

I would like a 42" at least.

Plasma or LCD not too bothered which, I learn't from this forum that either is just as good, its really more a personal preference, mixed with what you may use the TV for.

With HD capabilities. ( I learned from this forum that only a few TVs at this price have the 1920x1080 pixel capability)

I want it to be able to mount on a wall & in the future money permitting to add a Dolby surround sound system to it.

I might be able to add another £100 or so, but thats it.

I have read some fair reviews on the Toshiba 42WLT66 which has the HD resolution.
Also the Pioneer PDP4270XD which has super reviews but not the full HD pixel resolution.

So any advice on specific models to look at would be gratefully recieved:lease:

Would I be better waiting till Jan for the sales, as I also read the whispers about some good deals to be had due to the lack of TVs sold at world cup time.

Thanks for reading




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Thanks for the advice peeps.

just had a scan over the thread you recommended to read Alun.

I got a headache now. 1080p ? 1080i ? ALis? De interlaced.

Ouch !

I'm going for a lie down.

Thanks to you mviltan2 for your links, gonna check them out too just after I get over that last thread:confused:

Thanks peeps

Really appreciate your help & advice.



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