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Read the small print on forums (UKexpert)

Discussion in 'Photography Forums' started by Pink Fairy, Jun 21, 2005.

  1. Pink Fairy

    Pink Fairy

    Dec 5, 2004
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    I came across a very unpleasant forum/gallery site today, ukexpert.co.uk where in the t&c lay the following
    "Please note that expert is building a collection of quality photographs in its photos and videos area. If you upload photos to us please help ensure they get released for viewing by not uploading small cut down versions of photos nor ones with names or other information included on them.

    By uploading images and messages and other material to the system you warrant that you own the rights to do so and that you grant 'expert' permanent copyright ownership equal to your own for all materials uploaded.

    This includes a permanent right for expert and its associated systems and companies to make use of them in any way they see fit, including but not limited to use in advertising and promotional material. This means you can continue to do as you please with your photos and other materials uploaded but by adding these items to the expert collection/system you are granting expert the right to also do as it pleases with them"

    Please read the small print, I think plenty of people on the site mentioned did not and their work is being sold without their knowledge. As you can imagine, there's no mention in the main site about this aspect. The owners seem to have come up with a nice little earner.... an image library that they do not need to pay the photographer when they sell to a client.


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