Reactivating dormant BT line to get broadband... but which ISP?

Carl Stock

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Hi. :)

Some of you who venture into the hi-fi and AV areas of AV Forums may recognise me (hehe :)) – I'm usually heard mentioning “Cambridge Audio” or “Arcam”, or similar! hehe :)

To be honest, my first interest has always been computers, but I am a little unsure on the following issue:

We are moving from Virgin Media cable's broadband service. We called BT yesterday to have our dormant BT line reactivated, which is all in place but no longer connected to the local BT exchange (around 900 metres away). Because of this, a BT engineer will be coming round on 3rd September to check the line both indoors and out. This line has not been used for nearly eight years, but it is just a single master socket in the living room – there are no extensions – and we will only use it for a broadband Internet connection, as we have no plans at the moment to move the telephone service away from Virgin.

My question is this: will the BT 12-month contract we have just agreed to affect who we can choose as our ISP?

Our cable broadband service used to be pretty good, but it seems to have got worse in recent times, and yet the signal strength is fine – it's just that what goes on beyond our local cable headend (just a mile away) seems to be causing problems. I was going to move in 2003, but I backed out because I did not feel well enough to go through all of the necessary work to get it all changed over.

There are some LLU providers here, but will signing up to one of those, or indeed anyone other than BT, mean we will be breaking our BT contract, thus resulting in a penalty? We only want a broadband Internet service through this line – not a telephone service from anyone else. In all honesty, speed is not the most important thing for us – reliability is. :) My mother relies on the Internet service for her work, which she does from home, so reliability is really the most important factor, although I know that a good telephone line is the first priority. :) I rely heavily on the Internet because I am housebound, and whilst I accept there will always be problems at some stage from various factors, it can get quite frustrating when our current service does go wrong and requires a lengthy phone call to resolve it.

Sometimes, we have literally been cut off from the cable network because NTL/Virgin have said we had not paid our bill, which was completely untrue! :) Our bills are always paid by Direct Debit, and something went wrong at their end. It would often take hours to get a response to find out what had happened to our service! :(

I do have a couple of good friends who work in IT (one at my old school), and I've already been speaking to them about considering moving, but one is on holiday at the moment, and the other is pretty busy, too. I have not yet mentioned this issue of a new BT line. In any case, they help me with my computer setups (replacing computers, adding major hardware, etc.) because of my disability.

I would really appreciate your help on this while I wait for them to get back. :) After all the time I've spent with computers, I'm somewhat unsure on this! :) When I've been feeling better, I've helped some friends with their ADSL connections and have managed to get them up and running once they have paid for their connections – making sure they use microfilters on all but the modem itself, only using the master socket for their modem, removing any extensions that are not needed, etc. – but I'm stuck on this issue! :)

I hope this helps (from Samknows): :)

Congratulations, you are in a broadband enabled area.

The following services are available in your location:

BT Wholesale ADSL
BT Wholesale ADSL Max
BT Wholesale SDSL
Bulldog LLU
TalkTalk (CPW) LLU
Sky Broadband / Easynet LLU
Tiscali LLU
Virgin Media (Cable)

Many, many thanks. :)


Carl :)


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if you are just having the line re-activated, ie paying your normal line rental

then you are entitled to use any ISP provider that you see fit.

you do not have to stick with BT. :clap::clap:

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