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Reactions to the Wii



I was wondering how people who you've shown your Wiis to have reacted to them (assuming you've got one, of course!).

I set mine up downstairs on a standard Sony CRT TV and fired up Wii Sports with a couple of remotes ready and waiting.

My brother, who as far as I can remember has never played on any of my consoles in the past or shown any interest in getting one himself instantly took a shine to tennis and we had a couple of games together. He seemed really to enjoy himself and even said it was "cool" at one point. He also had a brief go at bowling. He adapted to the controls without any problem and was even showing my mum how to do things.

My mum, who last played a game in 1983 on a Tatung Einstein (i.e. ages ago) also played tennis and got to grips with it pretty quickly. She had trouble with bowling but was getting there (slowly) when the console refused to recognise the remote she was using (so I had to reset).

My dad would probably not be seen dead playing on a console nevertheless stopped and watched for a good couple of minutes and seemed somewhat amused by the rest of us waving our arms around like lunatics.

All in all, it went down very well. Nintendo, you've got a wi(i)nner here, IMHO.

Any other stories to share? Or is my family a one off?


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Everyone who's been to my house today, even people have have zero interest in games have hung around just to have a quick go!


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My missus, who never plays games EVER, grabbed the remote this evening and was bowling balls and swinging her racket and thoroughly enjoying it !

Now I've just got to get her to join me in a Gears of War Co-op on the 360 :thumbsup:


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The real test for the Wii will be in a couple of months when we can see whether the new control method really is a breath of fresh air or a gimmick that people get tired of.
think you summed up the wii perfectly there vince, even those totaly no interest in gaming atleast stop and watch the wii in action,

matt bellamy

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I can't wait for christmas when everyone comes round and plays my wii (fingers crossed santa leaves me one:D ). I thought touch screen was a gimmick but I play my DS a whole lot more than my PSP.

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