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    I took this shot last weekend at The Knights Tournament in Tynemouth Priory during one of the falconry displays. I liked the reactions of the different people as the kestrel flew low and fast over and between them. It was difficult to see the kestrel in the original, colour photo, because of all the clutter and detail around it, so I was struggling to think how to improve it to be able to enter in the competition. I had thought of desaturating all the colour, other than the kestrel, but thought that would lose the emphasis from the people. I posted the original colour picture in another thread in the general photography forum, without mentioning any of this, and Gordon Fraser had almost exactly the same idea as me, but with the critical difference of suggesting I also leave one or more of the people in colour - genius!

    So, here it is, my first competition entry, with many thanks to Gordon for his great suggestion.


    Nikon D50 with 18-70mm Nikor lens
    1/800 sec
    ISO 200
    70mm (105mm equiv)

    Post Processing:
    USM 50%, 1, 0
    Hue/Saturation layer with saturation set to zero, except where erased.
    Cropped quite closely.


    P.S. the exif data has been stripped from the picture during "Save for Web", but I have the original RAW file if confirmation is required.

    P.P.S. I figured out how to save as JPEG in Photoshop (I had it as 16 bit, which didn't give me the option), so I could give the link to that version, if the mod would prefer.

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