RE4 NTSC & freeloader


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I've been looking for the PAL version of this game for ages and have had no luck. If I buy freeloader and the NTSC version

1. will it work?
2. Any drawbacks? it framerates, textures etc?

If so I'd rather keep looking for a PAL version.



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No reason why not, as I've been playing NTSC version for a bit now. Looks fantastic on prog. scan. Freeloader's a bit of a pain but well worth it.

Do it :D


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Yup, I can back that up. If you've got a component cable and a prog scan compatible TV, there's no reason to go for the PAL option at all. If you don't, then there's no harm in the NTSC, just takes 20-odd more seconds to load because you're using Freeloader.


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Thanks people, I've borrowed a PAL version at the mo so I'll put off buying it for a little longer. Cheers again.
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