Re-Wiring for Upgrade!


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I've now got my Acoustic Energy Evo 3 Fronts and Evo centre, now I've got to move one of my rears, and then put in 2 centre rears...

At the moment the Evo 3's are wired up with Cable Talk 3.1, I was going to invest in some QED silver anniversary, which I have seen for £4/m on the net. Will i see significant improvements (I know it will be less awkward to start with than the bulky 3.1!!!) Should I bi-wire?

Also, to go to the rears I was going to re-wire with Qed Original (Or something cheaper!) I was wondering, if i got the bi-wire (Which seems a little bit cheaper) Couldn't I just run 2 runs for the rear speakers to have them single wired?

Also, is it worth getting those Airloc bannana plugs that Qed make? They are quite a bit :(
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