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plasma or LCD . My local dealer reckons Lcd's are and will probably not only become very much cheaper in a few years time but also, as a result , win the war of the flat screens.In fact he doesnt rate Plasmas very highly at all believing them worse than cwt sets. What is the general consensus in here as I am somehwat confused? TY
this part is not true, all prices will come down

Lcd's are and will probably not only become very much cheaper in a few years

at the moment in my opinion the good quality plasma is good , crap quality plasma is crap,

dont know much about lcd but the ones ive seen , i dont think i could live with as a homecinema display, maybe a tv for bedroom or kitchen, there is doubt they are getting better,

who will win in future, dunno, i enjoying the now with my plasma:D :D :D :D
Guess when the market decides its time for CWT's to disappear then flatscreen prices will tumble. Just thought LCDs would win as I gather they are lighter and easier to store and handle and manufacturing processes would make them cheaper too.All speculation of course.
I think LCD will win the 'normal' TV size market (eg <36"), and plasma will take the large screen market.

I love my LCD, and the only thing I'd change would be the black level/contrast. I'm sure that will improve quickly, as it was an issue with plasma early on too.

You get a high resolution in a small screen size.

I agree, its not a home cinema panel, but then a lot of people only need a TV.
actually LCD is a lot dearer to manufacture than plasma due to the substrate/wafer loss., which is a fair bit worse than plasma.
also LCD at present is off the ball in that they still need to crack the respone times of the pixels to about 10ms to be as good as plasma.(and sort the contrast ratio)
But crt is still better its just not HIdef capable. and er big!!
well thanks guys ! looks as tho I shall wait till tyhe plasma come down to a more reasonable level before I dump my humble Philips 28"( only cost me £ 350 three years ago) .
my dealer who stocks Loewe as well asx Shrp lcds and Panny plasmas reckons the loewe are much the superior only being let down by size and lack of compatability
I think "CWT" is what Jonathan Ross has in his front room :laugh:

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