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Would someone kindly explain to me what these are exactly (I know they are video/graphics with respect to resolution). On the Sim2 HT250, it states XGA 1264x768 give or take a few dozen pixels, but yet this projector is cheaper (but not by much) than the HT200DMF which sports 848x460 or so pixel res. in 16:9 mode. Why is this, and of what benefit is it to have XGA etc.
I`ve fixed my mind on the Sim2 but am open to suggestions re: other suitable projectors up to the £6500 mark. I`ll be using the Denon 2800MKII to oil it`s lttle colour segment wheel. But who knows, maybe I`ll consider HTPC in the future if I can figure out the low down on resolutions.
Hope to hear from someone soon `cause I`m gettin` fed up dreamin` about the projector;-)
VGA is 640x480 pixels
SVGA 800x600
XGA 1024x768

I believe (owners please correct if this is wrong!) that the 200DMF is 848x480 and effecivly uses a svga panel with a few extra pixels horizontally and some masking to get a 16:9 ratio panel. Also with the DMF you are paying extra for the faroudja processing built in.

The 250 has a higher resolution panel, but is not 16:9 obviously which means using a panamorph style lens to use the full res, or to put up with light overspill in the black bars. You would get a better horizontal resolution though.

Best to mug your bank manager and go for the 300 which runs at WXGA (1280x720?) and has the processing along with other handy things overall ;)

Thanks for the info. Big Jim. That clarifies it for me....I have considered the 300, it`s a beauty and I can only imagine what it can do for movies. I`m playing with a budget that would allow me to get it at the expense of new amp. + DVD player. Already secured a good deal on a firehawk screen though, but I think I`ll have to mug the missus, not the Bank manager.
I could never get the 200DM to 'sing' with a HTPC input. On the VGA input it only really runs adequately on the 800x600 mode. This projector was made to run best with a progressive component input. Your 2800 MkII should run very well with it (so long as it doesn't have any artifacts..see elsewhere)

Ian Guinan
You can have £9000 worth of brand new HT300 for £6,500. Just look at the For Sale section in this very forum!!

It comes from a very reputable source. No catches.

If you have already seen the 300 then you know how good it is. This is too much of a bargain to miss.

I had forgotten about Chris' one. At that price it really is a no brainer. I looked and was seriously tempted, then remembered I need a new bathroom and car!:(
thanks for the tip chris, i`m going to have a search for it now,,,will let you know how it goes,,,sounds too good though!!!

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