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Question Re- Veneer Speaker Cabinet


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Thought there might be some experience here of re-veneering a loudspeaker cabinet. I want to remove the black ash veneer from a centre speaker and re-veneer in Cherry. Iron on Cherry sheet 0.6mm thick is pretty reasonable ££ and 1 2.5m x 30cm sheet would do the job.
Not sure what glue would have been originally used in around 2000 and how veneer is removed - hot virgin to loosen original glue.
Then I'll need to finish the veneer with a coating and I guess a fair few coats of a spray on satin clear coating.
But any pointers from some one who has done this would be welcome.

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My hobby is building speakers from scratch so I have no experience of removing existing veneer. My gut feeling would be to rub down the existing veneer to give a good key then veneer over it. Don't use iron on veneer. It seems like an attractive proposition but people that have posted on various forums usually complain of all sorts of problems. I use paper backed veneer stuck on with Neutral Scotchweld 30. For finishing a good choice would be Osmo PolyX oil.


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The Alchemist

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Any of the paper backed suppliers would do. You will have to shop around for the most cost effective solution. Bear in mind you will need about 40 mm extra on length and depth to ensure that each face is covered properly. After each face is stuck on, hold a steel rule against the cabinet and cut off the excess with a sharp Stanley knife. The edges can then be CAREFULLY finished off with abrasive paper. 120G should be fine. Don't rub too hard or you will go through the veneer!


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As a cheaper, easier solution (given once done you will only see not feel the finish) why not buy vinyl wrap and a hair dryer?


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no need for hair dryer if you buy the sticky backed vynil and if there are not awkward surfaces

But it does make stretching to avoid bubbles and corners MUCH easier.


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Hi, i have a vaneer related problem,,,dropped a speaker and now got a hole through the vaneer, i guess sand it down and fill with putty?,,,not sure how im going to be able to blend it in to the cherry finsh,,,appreciate any tips


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I think those nice people at Wilmslow Audio do a re veneer service for cabinet restoration if your not comfortable doing it yourself.


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If you watch "The Restorers" on TV, you will realise that with patience you can paint-over the patch ( cleaned out and filled +smoothed car-body-filler. ).
You might prepare the good existing "Wood" is it? with a light oiling, so any new material doesn't stick.

However, it might be wise to perform this on a cabinet that doesn't matter... to gain experience. Matching the grain may require some dodge if it's v,fine... but hope it works out.

Would swapping the speakers L//R solve it .... "Out of sight" etc. . . .?

FWIW. I'm a real hater of self-adhesive "Fablon" - as it grips very quickly and is almost impossible to recover - being very thin it can allow faults to show-thro. . . . . quite apart from the "wood" versions looking worse than wallpaper which sometimes has an imprinted "grain" effect. . . . . Another alternative is to paint it with vinyl-silk - to match the walls.

Hope that helps...

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