Re-using DVD+RW Disks


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I have recently purchased a Freecom Classic USB2 DVD burner. I've used Uleads Video Studio 7 to burn my parents holiday videos to DVD+RW. They play fine on the Sony player but wont play on their JVC.

I thought I might as well re-use those DVD+RWs as backups, so I refomatted them using Nero's InCD. Now the DVD+RWs are showing up in Explorer as having no free space and no used space. If I try and burn video to them again using Video Studio 7, it tells me the disk isn't ready.

Have I done something really stupid in trying to format them? :oops:

InCd says:

InCD is a program which formats rewritable discs (CD-RW, DVD+RW and DVD-RW) in such a way that they can be used like hard disks or floppy disks. This means that you can save, copy or delete files from any application onto the disc.
so I don't think I've done anything I shouldn't. Have I created a couple of coasters or is there a way of recovering these disks.


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I have never once used any packet-writing software (Ahead's InCD, Adaptec's DirectCD, etc.).

What I do is erase all my CD-RWs (no, I don't have a DVD-burner either) in Nero and write to them as normal CDs - it's a lot easier to do and they are more likely to work in another drive.

Video Studio's problems lie in having the disc 'full' - it already has data on it (the formatting) and I believe that it has the 'no multisession' flag enabled, so traditional CD-burning programs won't write to it.

To try and recover the discs: use Nero's erase function on them, like you would do to any other CD-RW (or even DVD+/-RW). Then write to them in future as standard DVDs or CDs - as in you burn batches of files in one session.


As stated you do need to erase a disk before you format it. If you format the disk when it already has data on it then it will only format the remaining space and not erase the contents.
I often use in-Cd for quick backups and have never had any problems with it, as long as the files previously on the disk have been deleted.



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Thanks for your help guys. I use CDRWs with my CD burner to make backups and they are formatted by InCD so that they act like a small drive, i.e. you can add to them and delete from them like a normal hard drive.

I was hoping to do the same thing with the DVDRW's and couldn't understand why it wouldn't work. After some searching, it appears the Freecom DVD burner doesn't support MRW.

After a bit more fiddling, I can now write data to the DVDRWs and delete it as you mentioned <<ERROR>>.
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