Re-registering second-hand Squeezebox


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The SB Classic I've just bought was a second-hand one from eBay. It's still registered to the account of the previous owner, and the guy who sold it to me doesn't know how unregister it. In fact, I think he is a reseller, so doesn't know the previous owners account details.

Is there a way of me being able to register the SB to my account without the previous registrant co-operating?
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I'd drop an email to the Support people at Squeezebox


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Indeed - done that, but they say up to two working days to respond, so I thought I'd ask here too in case there was a known easy fix.


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The previous owner has to log into > Players > Select the Classic/SB3 and click on Delete Player :smashin:


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Yup, I'd told him that, but he didn't have the login details.
Now sorted, though - one just sends the MAC address to SB support, and they deregister it.

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