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Starting to redo my room out and getting some new bits and bats. Am on abit of a budget so cant splash out to much, Am doing my whole room out with new bedroom units etc. I Would like a new PJ but am having to wait till the back end of the year to sort some cash and will have a look and see whats about but for now it will have to do. Am pretty happy with the things i have at the mo bar the PJ but it still gives a decent picture from the PC when i watch films and on Freeview, I also just upgraded to a better soundcard for the PC as i listen to alot if not all my music from my PC thought a IXOS XHA215 cable, The combo sounds alot better than my last soundcard and RCA cable. Got a good few plans for the room, Just need to find ways of doing it all now. Running all my cables in the walls still buying cables yet as i have cheap ones what am swapping them all out with some decent cables which should be here by the end of the week, I have never done anything like this before so its abit of a learning curve but my dad is helping out with wiring etc. Might not be as big as what some people have done, nor is my list of AV stuff that good but am pretty happy up to now with it, That and i race bikes and am 20yrs old (=wasting money :)) so a big fair amount of cash goes to that aswell :rolleyes:. AM awaiting the Sky guy to come round and install the Sky Multiroom in. Am wanting to mount my 22" LCD i just got need mounting for my PC on the wall and sink the cables. Also just made my own PJ screen with the proper meterial which i just made a frame for it aswell.

Teac AH-300 Amp
Teac PDH300 CD Player
Kef IQ3 (walnut) on order
Infocus PJ (forgot the model number)
M-Audio Audiophilie 2496 (Soundcard for the Amp)

Here are some pics...




















is the motorbike part of the home cinema install ;)


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Lol, No there is a black frame in infront of the bike that i made and just sprayed, I cant believe you didnt notice my work of art:eek:.


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