RDXV45 HDD/VHS/DVD Recording Problems



Hi everyone :hiya: , this is my first posting here and I have slight problem with my Toshiba RDXV45.

I have been able to record to the VHS and the HDD and the DVD without too much problem. There is one slight issue that is really bugging me. I can record from the SAT and from the TV but whilst the device is turned on it automatically switches the TV to the AV channel and when I try to switch back to Satellite or a TV channel the picture just rolls and although I get the right audio for the channel I want the rolling picture is that of the channel I am recording from. (Does all of that make sense?) All this means that I can easily record but I have to watch what I am recording.

I have removed all the cables this morning and reinserted them according to the instructions that came with the recorder but this hasn't stopped the problem. Is there something I am missing.

Any help will gratfully be received :lease: , it will also save my sanity.

Hello ;

I've already seen such things, I solved the problem by replacing the scart cable between two devices with another, in fact the first one was fully-cabled (I mean all the pins were present) whereas the "good" one wasn't - only about half of the pins were present on the connector.
I guess it sometimes prevent a kind of "signal loop" (?).
This is not specific to this Toshiba (that I recently bought, too), as I encoutered it with some other VCR and DVD players as well.

Hope this help !

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