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I have a Sony LCD TV with a built in digital tuner, this runs off the same aerial as the digital tuner in the DVD player. Why can I not get a good signal when viewing digital channels through the recorder? This means recording anything is useless as the recorded programme is unwatchable. I'm stuck - any ideas people? Thanks:mad:


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I know it might sound a bit silly, but have you got the antenna plugged into the digital antenna on the recorder and not the analogue one by accident?
I have this recorder, and pass the signal through to my Samsung tv and it's fine on both of them.
Some people have had issues with crosstalk from the HDMI cable into the aerial lead, causing loss of Freeview channels. Generally you can prove this by setting the HDMI output to one of the lower resolutions such as 576. If this makes the reception better, try another HDMI lead and also try to keep the HDMI cable and aerial leads as far apart as possible and at right-angles to each other if you can.

iNspectorgadJet might have a good point too - there are two sets of aerial connectors on the back panel - one for the digital tuner and one for the analogue. If you want to use both, you need to put the aerial into the input of one and a loop cable from the output socket into the other input, then from that output to the TV.
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Thanks for that, it may seem like a stupid question to you but believe me it's entirely possible that I have the aerial in the wrong one !
I don't think it has anything to do with the HDMI lead though as it's exactly the same if I revert back to my scart lead.
Don't know what you mean by 'looping' the aerial lead though.
thanks again
Don't know what you mean by 'looping' the aerial lead though.

Looping just means that you have a small cable loop connecting the analogue and digital tuners together eg:

Aerial into Digital Tuner input
Loop cable between Digital Tuner output and Analogue Tuner input
Cable out for Analogue Tuner output into TV.


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