rdr-hx525 how to view freeview through digital tv

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I have a Sony rdr-hx525 dvd recorder. I know this does not have a digital tuner built into it, and i used to be able to view freeview by using a scart lead from a digital tv to the recorder.

using this method I could record a digital channels on the rdr-hx525 (if i was watching this channel on the tv too).

however, recently i have not been able to view any digital channels through the rdr-hx525 even though a scart cable is connected to the tv from the recorder.

I dont know what has gone wrong! I recently bought a booster and also made it multi region (hack), could these have affected the recorder to not allow me to view digital channels through the tv?

If anyone has the exact cable/scart/ariel setup and also the exact scart and basic setup settings for the interface on the recorder, it would be a great help.:lease:


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You need to give the make and model no of the Tv.
Most IDTVs output the Freeview signals from one of the scart sockets...usually AV2...so it's a case of making sure this AV2 output is connected to the DVDRs AV input...check your TVs user manual or post the make/model.
There is also sometimes the option to select analogue or digital signals to output somewhere within the TVs menu.

Deleted member 376220

Thanks for info. Managed to get it working; i think i had too many scart leads into the back of the TV ...:thumbsup:

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