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    I'm interested in the RDR HX510 but can anyone answer these questions (I've downloaded the manual and it isn't clear)?

    - Can the video signal be output to (RGB)Scart socket and Component RCA jacks at the same time? (Appreciate it might need to be only interlaced component not progressive scan). I need to connect a projector and a regular TV.

    - Can a Sony Freeview box be connected such that timer events set up on the Freeview box via the EPG will trigger the recorder to start recording? (Smartlink or something similar? The manual suggests Smartlink is disabled if you connect a Freeview box to the line 3 scart - seems a bit daft or am I missing something?!)

    - Will it output progressive scan component even though the freeview box input might only be RGB (via Scart) or S-Video?

    - Can you 'pause' live tv without the recorder being in the middle of recording that programme? (It seems to be the case, judging by what the manual says).

    - Has anyone got a multi-region one of these and does it play back ok?

    - Lastly, has the Comet website got it wrong - it says the unit will play back SACDs?

    Sorry for all these questions, but don't want to shell out for it unless it will fill a gap in my current set-up!

    Thanks in advance...

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