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    I have a Sony RDR-GX7 which I have been using until recently with an old CRT with which it gave a great performance both for recording and for pre-recorded disk playback. Last month I bought a 32” LCD (Sony KDL-L32MRX1) and I have notice that the LCD shows up flaws in disks recorded on the player.

    I’m getting quite a lot of blocking in shadowy areas (I have played with the BNR but with little effect) and motion is not dealt with very well at all with a lot of trailing edge blurring. The highest quality recording setting improves things a little but things are still not right.

    Pre-recorded disks look superb (even if there is no progressive scan) with none of these problems. Also the picture on the TV is excellent with both Freeview and Telewest (including football etc).

    I am recording into RGB Scart and playing back though component. Unfortunately I don’t have a second player to see whether it is a playback or recording problem, although I suspect its recording. I have also tried using a number of different types of disks.

    Is this problem simply because I am viewing pictures on a larger screen which is unforgiving to compressed signals or are there any optimum settings I can use to improve recording?

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