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    I am looking for some wisdom on how I should combine Titles and or chapters or mabey a method which is not so confusing.

    What I have done:

    Created 2 titles(60 min total)
    Created Chapters in each title
    Attempted to combine the 2 title's chapters into a playlist

    Would it be easier(more manageable) to combine the 2 titles into 1, then chapter divide or should I keep them separate?

    Would it be easier to make serveral titles from camera 1 and 2 in order to reduce the number of chapters, possibly making the chapters more manageable?

    I am attempting to make a video of the same scence but from different angles(2 cameras).

    Some how I created a playlist of both titles, but there was alot of guessing(button pushing in no certain order), no consistant method. I am confused on how to combine the titles chapters into 1 playlist.

    Could someone elaborate on this?

    Do I create a playlist from 1 of the titles,
    save it,
    then get into the edit mode for the playlist I created,
    then add chapters from the other titles?

    A Step by Step method would be appreciated.

    After the playlist is completed should I merge all of them?
    Will this create a smoother video transition(no gaps between chapters)?

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