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Apr 11, 2001
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This was sent to me via the forums

I have a Barco 808 that I've been using for a couple years. Right after I bought the projector I picked up a used rcvds 800 switcher thinking that I might need more input options in the future. I hate to say it, but I never actually tried the unit out till tonight, and needless to say I ran into some trouble.

The power switch was sticky, but I managed to get the unit on. However, all I see in the display is a "-" There are several boards installed in the unit--2 s/composite boards and at least 3 RGB boards. None of the lights are lit on these boards. I have a cable connected from my computer into the 1st RGB board and a 5 wire RGB cable from the output to the projector. Do I need to connect something else to make it work? How do I select the proper input? None of the buttons on the front seem to do anything. If I push the standby button nothing happens. Is the unit defective?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! (I'm trying to hook both a computer and a separate video processor to the switcher and I just received all the cables I need to make it happen and nothing!)

I found a copy of the manual online. So, it looks like I have to run a DB9 cable from the switcher to the control port on the projector to make it function. Is this correct? Is this simply a mouse extension cable?

The lights on the boards on the back don't come on till that board is an active running source.

The cable needed between the projector and rcvds is a straight through 9 pin serial. (I think female to female). I got one from a computer fair for a couple of quid.

Once you have a cable, inputs are numbered 1-X, with 1 being the leftmost board (looking from the back).

A friend of mine was using an Rcvds800 switcher with his Data800 and when he changed to a G808s it wouldn't function, no matter what combination of cables etc. he tried, but if you have any joy would you let me know?


But I had one of the sources "on" and the light was still not lit up. But do I need to have the DB9 cable connected before I can do that anyway?

Will the rcvds 800 not work with an 808? I feel kind of stupid for not trying it after all this time only to find out it's the wrong piece.


I guess I need one of those serial cables to use the Barco control software, so I'll get one anyhow.
Sorry I ment to come back to this earlier.

The reason Brian's RCVDS is not working is because he needs the 9 way D type "COM 800" connection. this is a plain pin to pin cable. (you must be very carefull when you make these up as one of the pins carries 37volts which is more than enough to blow up the processor of projector.)

Also make absoloutly sure that both the switcher and PJ are off as it is possible to short the pins as you put the plug in and do some real damage.

Make certain that you are connecting to the COM 800 port not the RS232 (they are next to each other)

I've answerd thius else where I'm sure but the RCVDS 800 is compatible with all the CRT projectors that use a remote contol with a RED Led indictaion light. Basically that is all brarco CRT's with an on screen menu up to the Cine range. ( The Cine range changed to RC5 codes so that learning remotes worked better)

Hope that clears that up.

Guy I don't know why your friends packed up but I suspect he DID one of my DON'TS from above. (PJ will carry on working but just won't comunicate.
He isn't one to keep trying if it doesnt go right first time, and he didnt really need it in the chain anymore so I think he just left it out without giving it a real go.
Okay. I got a 25' cable for $10 and hooked it up and the switcher seems to work fine. I can switch the power on the projector via the front panel of the switcher and switch between the inputs of the switcher with no trouble.

So here's my next question. The manual alludes to a special IR box to control the switcher remotely. Is this the only option? Can I use a computer via the RS-232 connections on the projector, or do they no longer function because the switcher is connected? Does the extension input on the switcher work for RS-232, or does it only work with this IR piece? I would need to be able to turn the projector on/off and switch input on the switcher...

Also, am I just wasting my time anyway and should just use the port 3 input on the projector instead of the switcher at all? I've read that it offers even better performance than the 5 wire BNC connection anyway. Has anyone ever used an identical quality and length cable and checked this? I hear some people say it is better, and others say it is worse. (I have the BG808.)

Is there any other advantage to the switcher? My only sources will likely be a video processor/computer and then possibly a HD receiver as the second source.

Thanks in advance,

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