RCE Hack for Toshiba SD-3107 (Hollowman)

Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Player Multiregion Hacks' started by The Royster, Dec 30, 2000.

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    I just thought I'd post my new findings since playing about with the Hollowman disc on my player (Toshiba 3107). These simple instructions should help you get it and probably any other RCE encrypted discs on the 3107 to play...

    Let RCE message come up
    Stop disc
    Play it again
    Stop it again
    Press Last Play

    and away you go [​IMG]

    You can access the menu's once it's running. But the RCE kicks in again if you try selecting anything from the menus. But simply stop the disc and press last play...

    I'll be testing this out on the Patriot later in the week once I get hold of it off of my friend, I'll keep you all posted...

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