RCE compatable?


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i bought a cheap dvd multi region player (this one and it plays R1 disks fine, but I'm not sure how it would handle RCE disks. I have ordered identity which is an RCE encoded dvd but have only just realised after ordering that its RCE.

Just wondered if anyone knew if this player had any problems with RCE disks. I know its pretty new, it was released oct last year.


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there are only a few playerrs out there that can't handle RCE nowadays.

I don't know that player so can't really comment. When you get the disc try it. if it doesn't work, then insert a normal R1 disc wait til it loads, eject and then insert your RCE disc.



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According to all the sites I have looked at it will play RCE discs.

From an Amazon review-

12 January, 2004
Reviewer: A electronics & photo fan from Michael, Bristol

"Fair enough, it will play any kind of DVD or CD you throw at it. Region 1's, RCE's and SVCDs are no problem".

I have ordered the same film, believe I am ok with my player.



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Thanks for the responses, I musta spent over an hour last night just searching to see if i could find out whether it could play RCE's but no luck. I musta missed that amazon review so its looking good :D


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