anyone know where i might pick some off these up ? had a good search round but cant find any 75ohm video grade gear cables :suicide:

the problem ive got is that i need to output 2 component signals (1 to panny ae300 and 1 to panny 5 series plasma) from my pio2011 which only has 1 comp out

any ideas very welcome.... where from / who to talk to ?

cheers all justin


This is highly unlikely to work. What you need is a vga distribution amp, and 3 x 15pin sub-d to 3 phono cables. About £250 all in, but I promise it will work.

Joe Fernand

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Sticking Y-Adapters into your system is going to kill your video signal - you'll likely get a picture but not a very good one and it will vary depending on if you have one or other or both displays switched on.

As MAW says there are plenty of solutions - you just need to break open the piggy bank.

You can go for a one in two (or more) out distribution amp or a multiple input to multiple output distribution amp (or matrix) - it really depends on how you see your system growing and how many YUV sources you envisage and how many 'active' displays you need to feed simultaneously.

If budget allows you could do worse than a Zektor HDS4.2 four input two output (with active buffering to drive long cables to a projector on output two) YUV + Analogue or Digital Audio switcher - though its going to cost a whole lot more than three Y-Adapters.

See http://www.zektor.com/hds42/index.htm

I use an HDS4.2 in conjunction with a Pioneer VSA-AX5i AV Receiver as the receiver only has two YUV inputs and one YUV out.

We supply Zektor and other solutions to do what you require so please drop me a note if you want more info.

Best regards


PS The Zektor is a much cleaner video switch than your AV Receiver so your images will look better too!
thanks alot for the replies (not really wot i wanted to hear but this game seldom works out cheap :) ) will have to use svid then i think or the wife will have kittens if i blow any more cash on this little lot
thanks again for the help most appreciated


Presumably you've got the component/s-vid/composite video board for the plasma? S-video is surprisingly good on the panasonic, if you need to save money this is a good way to go. You can aways upgrade later, the s-vid bit will be pretty cheap.

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