Question RCA Splitter or Switch?


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I have an amp with one input, I want to connect My Phono Preamp to it as well as my DAC. Am I right in assuming that both of these should be outputting at line level? if so then am I right in assuming that these should be able to go into the amp using the same input and a Y splitter without the risk of overloading the system?

Basically I'm not sure if my above assumptions are completely wrong and I should spend the time making a switch for these two inputs or if I'm safe to just use a couple of splitters.


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I’d use a switch box, a decent quality one.

no sense in having noise from one source polluting the other when it’s not necessary.

Unless you’re going to completely switch off one whilst using the other.

Also, they’re both line level, but they are unlikely to be the same level, with the dac output likely to be higher, so you might want to take a bit of care with the volume setting when switching between them.

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And very expensive as well at £95, compared to £19.

I won't need the additional output ports that unit has either.

Also, considering the recommended switch box on posting two has gold plated connectors, gets 4.5/5 star-rating on Amazon; would the £76 additional cost be worthwhile?
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