RCA Output to Speakers?



Hey guys,
Im wanting to connect more speakers to my sound system (Its nothing brilliant, it was donated to me by my close family, bought second hand cheap speakers, its just an experiment setup before I splash out on a real system).

I've bought two new ones, the output on them are like this (I don't know the technical names, could someone fill me in?):

ON my Hifi, the output seems to be an single RCA type connection for connected extra speakers (surround sound, don't worry, I understand the wattage, it says max 540 watts). One single RCA type output for center, back left, back right etc.

Anyone care to enlighten me on the type/name of cable to use? I have no idea here.



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The only thing I would point out is that the RCA outputs that you mention could be pre-outs (i.e. non-amplified) and therefore designed to go to another amplifier.

This may or may not be the case. If you hook up the speakers and find the volume to be very low and not respond to adjustment, you will soon find out!


I think I have tried that (Not too sure).

But wouldn't the extra speaker need 2 sources (Left and Right), doing that would have only 1 source?

SOrry, I'm a bit confused here :).


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I've tried the method Badger mentioned. Worked fine, the outputs on my amp were labelled 'surround speakers' or something like that

Its stereo (Left and right), theres one RCA plug for each channel and each moulded cable has 2 wires inside (Positive and negative)

So, simply you have 2 RCA and they go to 4 bare wires which is what you need

I will point out that when we had 4 speakers connected (2 on this method) it mysteriously stopped working one day, cant remember what the conclusion was but something broke


I understand! Theres a Maplins in my city center, I will visit it on Saturday :).

SO basically, what I need to do is, for example, say I want to wire a center speaker. I either do this:

1) Take a phono lead, cut the other end off
2) Connect the end (Which has two seperate Left and Rights) to the speaker.


1) BUy a phono plug
2) Connect the speaker cable from speaker to the phono plug, making sure L and R are correct.

Am I right here?

Thanks for the help!



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Bear in mind some plugs are solder although you can get screwed ones.
Just ask, but soldered are best if you have/can get your hands on a soldering iron.
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