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RCA lead (extension)


Standard Member

i bought one of these:

PC VGA to TV Video AV adapter Converter Switch Box


It works and i get the pc image on the tv

then i bought one of these so i can put the pc in its normal and still use the converter:

10M Metre Single RCA Phono Socket Extension Male Female Cable Lead Plug Black


Now i don't get the pc image on the tv

Instead i get this:

the conveter box menu is usable but no picture


any thoughts?




Standard Member
So what i'm worried about is whther i bought the right extension lead

should that lead be able to carry the signal to the tv

Or to i need another (more expensive) lead


Active Member
Well it's always hard to be sure but really yhe the only thing I can tell you about that cable from a photo is that it's black and has phono connectors :)

My limited understanding of Composite Video is that you *should* be using a 75ohm cable.

Ebay example: (Not a recommendation just for reference)
10M Digital Coaxial Cable/lead RCA Phono DVD RG59 75Ohm | eBay

As to if that will really make a difference or not I really don't know for sure, at long lengths the type of cable usually becomes a factor but my experience of composite is limited. Maybe someone with more experience can chip in.

Chris Muriel

Distinguished Member
Is the PC a laptop or desktop type (make and model or graphics card details might help).
What make/model is the TV ?
When it originally worked, were you using the phono output ? (I notice the converter has s-video output as well).
If it's a laptop, you normally need to toggle a special funtion key which usually switches between:
1) PC output to laptop screen
2) PC output to external device via VGA port (normally a monitor but, in your case to the converter box) and
3) Simultaneous output to both laptop screen and external VGA port.

Fn-F5 or Fn-F8 on Dell laptops, not sure of combination for other makes but key should have a monitor-like symbol on it.


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It looks like the cable is missing an earth and could be faulty. Have you tried the short lead again? At 10M, composite video will make it through twisted bell wire. It would look rubbish, but you would see the signal!

Chris Muriel

Distinguished Member
In that case excuse all the stuff I posted about laptops (due to lack of info about your equipment).
As above, composite video should work on a 10 metre RCA lead. After reconfirming that the short lead originally used still works, use a multimeter or continuity tester to check the long lead, both the inner core and the earth/screen and also check that there isn't a short circuit of inner to outer, e.g. a wisp of the earth braid touching the centre pin.

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