RCA HDTV (24 inches I think)turns off when I select HDMI


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I've had it a few years and only use it for gaming purposes. I can leave it on any other input and it comes on but if I switch to HDMI it will cut to a black screen and then go blank(like the set is off)and then back to the black screen and then turn off. I've tried a different HDMI plug but it didn't do anything.


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I suspect you're in the US? We don't get RCA-branded TVs this side of the pond.
In saying that check the video output settings of your source device, e.g. maybe the Tv cannot handle 1080P.


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Yes I'm from the US. It says on the bottom of the TV that it is full HD 1080P and I've been using it a few years with the PS4. When I say it goes to a black screen that is what it would always do before going to a blue screen(it only goes to that if it the set doesn't turn itself off)with the HDMI logo at the top right. Then when you turn the console on it would go to the home menu of it.

Anyway I've had problems the last few months getting it to stay on with HDMI mode selected but now it is even worse. If I can get it to stay on there isn't a single problem at all unless I turn it back off.

Like this morning it finally stayed on after about 20 minutes of pushing the power button on the remote and letting it go through the motions and kick off then pushing the power button and trying again. That obviously isn't fun(even though I wasn't doing anything but watching TV on another set at the time) though lol.
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