RCA D52W20 TV connect to PC using DVI-D

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    Not sure if this should go into the TV section or PC section, but...

    Just got a RCA D52W20 HDTV and I'm planning on connecting it to a Windows XP Pro PC to be used as a PVR, DVD player, etc... I have a "60 day satisfaction" guarantee, so I can return the TV if I'm not happy and I want to make sure that it will meet all my needs.

    Currently have a 256meg HIS Radeon 9550 video card with DVI output that I have connected to the RCA. The Boot/BIOS and most resolutions end up with a large portion of the screen being cut off from all sides. One res (1365 x 768?) displays the complete screen, but leaves several inches of black around the picture.

    RCA has very little in the way of specs for this TV (I couldn't even determine if it was DVI-A or DVI-D until it arrived) and the video card doesn't have any way of adjusting the display timings.

    Can someone suggest where I can find the proper specs for the DVI input on my RCA? Any tips on getting the PC and TV working "properly"?

    I will also have an NVideo 5200FX card with DVI output soon. This card may be better suited to this TV, but I won't know until it arrives.

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