RCA Cable AMP to PC Sound Quality Problems! please need advice


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hello guys, im not an expert by any chance i just had the curiosity to ask about something that confuses me for a long long time.
ive got a Sony Amp along with 2 bookshelf BOSE speakers + a yamaha subwoofer connected to my pc (jack to pc - white female / red female to the back of the amp) My previous cable that worked wonders got worn of and i had to replace it , i got another one same type and i imediatelly noticed that some instruments in music dont sound the same anymore, or some piano notes in some tracks get muffled. i have lets say a favorite track i first noticed the difference and i always use this as a test to see if everything is getting picked up by the speakers etc. i decided to go buy another better not pure plastic cable and i have exactly the same results.. some tracks are identical with my older cable but the specific one is muffled in the piano notes its like the sound volume is reducing while these notes are playing. Also when i plug again my old cable doing 10000 twists so i make it work, then the sound is Pure and the notes of this track are filling my whole room like im used to! whats the problem here? i mean what can i look for to get a decent result just like my old cable? thanks in advance!

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