RC5000 screen not responding?


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Apr 29, 2002
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My 3 year old RC5000 screen stopped responding to touch, all the hard buttons work and activate the display.
I have tried the reset function and flashing the firmware but to no avail.
I have bought a Mosaic but may repair the 5000, has anyone had a similar problem repaired and how much did it cost?
Is covered in the FAQ. You know where to go for that...

Checked the site once more, all refs lead to a fractured display or software workrounds which I have tried.
Is it worth sending it back?
I have a pocket pc which is good but nowhere as powerful and cannot switch on a Panasonic tv. The mosaic is on charge and looks like it may act the same when fully taught, I only ever learned to download my own ccf system to the pocket pc (Tosh 310), so any ideas on how much a repair may cost, I would like to keep it!
Send back where ? It's three years old.

The screen can be DIY fixed. Search here or Remote Central.

Send back refers to Marantz or Philips.
Any one know of a UK place to send it to?
Not sure about this but i *think* the RC5000 may have a five year warranty (altho it could be 3) - you should be able to get it fixed by Marantz. When this happened to a friend of mine, he went through his dealer (LetsAutomate). Took a week or so before it was returned, fully working.

If it's outside warranty there will be a cost involved. Whether you can fix it yourself depends on if you can diagnose the exact problem via the FAQs etc at RC. If it's the screen, then it may not be cost effective to fix - I'm not sure of the current screen prices. A bit of forum searching at RC should help.

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