RBG Scart S-Video Cables


Jonnie G

Hi guys,

Just thought Id give the heads up on a great place I found to get cables. www.nexxia.co.uk

I needed the following;
Scart to Scart for my Cable to TV.
An S-Video for my Amp to TV.
Set of component RBG's for my DVD to TV.

Went upto Richer Sound and they wanted £49 for just the Component RBG!! Shocker - Anyway this Nexxia place has sorted me out with the 3 lots of cables for £48 inc P&P! - And they look like pretty decent cables!

Cant be bad! :smashin:


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Richer sounds are RIP off on cables (and some other stuff) also while Nexxia are forum sponsor TVcables are cracking VFM and may even be cheaper (depending on length)
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