RB-991 repair or replace?


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Hi everyone, happy new year.

I’m not an audiophile expert so if this is a confusing question please bear with me. I have a pair of Morduant Short 816 an old Onkyo Tx-SR875 AVR and a Rotel RB-991 power amp.

The onkyo is in place as the old pre-amp died with the Rotel connected as a power amp, feeding the MS 816. Apple TV in place for music streaming.

One channel on the Rotel has died (again) so I wanted advice on the value of repairing over connecting the MS816 to a Denon AVC-4700 we have in a separate room. I use the speakers to listen to music primarily.

Suggestions or ideas please.


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The 991 is a monster of a superb power amp.

200w into 8 Ohm and a damping factor of 1000, plus Rotels usual first class power supply.

Getting any thing close to it will cost you a good few quid indeed.

The only thing I can think that comes close for a decent budget is a Quad 909 (or 606), and even they can’t match the outright power output.

However the MS don’t really need all that power, still sound better with a fair old heft though.

I’m tempted to suggest a more modern Rotel integrated to take the place of both the 991 and the Onkyo preamp.

However, if you’d prefer to stick to a big power amp then this is a great buy.

I’m not at all sure it’s reasonable to repair the 991 unless you can find someone to do a thorough rebuild from scratch just about. It’s getting on a bit.


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Hi Paul

Thanks for your advice and sorry for the delayed response. What integrated amp did you have in mind? I am loathed to part with it but if a repair isn’t possible….

All I need is the ability to stream audio and potentially vinyl.



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Well, if you want something quite superb for a bargain price (top of your budget though) the these two are where I’d send my money.

They’ll last another twenty years easily and will drive any speakers you might buy in the future.

They are a bit overkill for the 816s, but you’d certainly be getting the very best out of them.


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A more reasonable attack on your budget would be this.

Again, a top class bargain with a brand new warranty and a great price.

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