Razer Phone - 17th Nov 2017


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See that Razer has announced their first phone for 17th November 2017 release. The device is geared towards gamers, but has features that I think are nice to have for day-to-day use. Some specs below:

Razer Phone features.
  • 5.72-inch IGZO display with 120Hz refresh rate and Wide Colour Gamut (WCG)
  • With Dolby ATMOS tuned speakers and a headphone experience certified by THX
  • Dual Camera with auto-focus and LED flash (12MP, F1.75 wide angle and 12MP auto focus F2.6 Zoom)
  • Long-life 4000mAh lithium-ion battery with Qualcomm Quick Charge 4+
  • 8GB RAM - enough for the most demanding games and apps
  • 4G Super-Voice

Razer Phone | Contract and Pay Monthly deals | Three

Smartphone for Gamers - Razer Phone

Now the stuff that I like are as follows:

1. Personally... I love this design. I few tech-bloggers have criticised its look but I love it. I love that it has thicker bezels. I love that it's sharp / straight looking without any curves. I also love the 16:9 aspect ratio (I'm not a fan of the trend towards 18:9).

2. It's competitively priced, at under the £600 mark, when ordering from Three.

Typically, I would only ever pick OLED screens for phones but I read that it isn't possible to achieve the 120Hz refresh rate using OLED technology; hence why it's IPS LCD.

Stuff that I'm concerned about:

1. I think that the 64GB onboard storage is low. Especially, as games will likely need to be installed on the device itself, as opposed to the SD card expansion, to run smoothly.

2. I'm worried that this might fall into the same trap as the Asus Zenfone AR. It may be too niche and Razer need the support of game developers to entice people to Android gaming.

That said, in an era where consumers are accusing mainstream phone developers of a lack of innovation - I think Razer may be onto something. Risky perhaps, but there are quite a lot of novel features. It looks like a beast of a device and initial feedback of the front facing speakers is that it sounds incredible.

Looking forward to how this one plays out.
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I do like the design as well although I don't have an issue with 18:9 screens as it just means you have more screen space in areas where you'd normally have part of the bezel - physically it's the same size as the Note 8 despite the Samsung having a massive 6.3in screen. Price is better than I thought it would be and it has a decent battery as well.

I wouldn't count a decent set of speakers and a 120Hz screen as particularly innovative particularly as I'd prefer an OLED at 60Hz, there was a lot of hype about 120Hz screens for PC gaming a few years back and having tried such screens wasn't that blown away by them. The Razer lacks a headphone jack which is irritating and I do wonder how support will be for it longterm. Ultimately although I do a lot of gaming, I'm not that fussed about mobile gaming and those that are I don't think are clamouring for a 120Hz screen particularly not when you it means a hefty device like this against rivals with smaller bodies and prettier screens.


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Hi, anybody else pre order this at Three, just wondering if you've got an order dispatch confirmation?


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was thinking of getting this until one major thing put me off the lack of screen brightness (300 nits) samsung for example is double that amd when I had a look at the demo unit at three the first thing that stood out was the dim screen.

anyone else find the screen dim?


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